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Free Art Work To A Good Home

I have collected over thirty years of art and I can no longer store all of it. All of the art work on this page is free to anyone who has a good home for it. The only thing the collected will need to pay for is the shipping. Some pieces are fairly large so consider this when choosing a piece since this will affect the shipping charges. If you do want a piece just let me know the title of the work and where it should be shipped.


I have looked in to the cost of shipping and as an estimate I have found that the cost from the west cost to the east cost will be from $182.00 to $250.00 for a painting that is 30" x 40" with an average weight of 6 lbs. The cost is dictated by the size and distance. However it is the size of the paintings that make it expensive to ship. The paintings can also be shipped if taken off the stretcher bars and sent in tubes. The cost is then between $30.00 and $40.00. They would then have to be restretched.

You can contact me at

abstratct painting from bishop peaktujunga paintingpainting of grasses in setting light
Discovery - TAKEN(KH)Tujunga Water Tower - TAKEN (DS)Setting Light - TAKEN (BG)
40" x 30"40" X 30"40" X 30"
on the way to pasadenapainting of LA freewaypainting of buldozer
Freeway to Pasadena - TAKEN (DS)Free Arch - TAKEN (DS)The Female Machine - TAKEN (KH)
48" x 38"36" x 36"36" x 36"
abstract painting of layered colorsabstract painting of grassesabstract painting of an arial view
Navaho Light - TAKEN (MW)Painted Desert - TAKEN (CA)Consummation - TAKEN (Hite)
30" x 40"30" x 40"24" x 36"
abstract painting of a mazeabstract painting of an arial imageabstract painting of a fire burning through trees
Blue Maze - TAKEN (KH)Cause and Effect TAKEN (MW)Distant Fire - TAKEN (JG)
30" x 40"30" x 40"30" x 40"
abstract painting of cross hatch layersabstract painting of light through a windowabstract painting of light under the sea
Layered Light - TAKEN(SW)Morning Light - TAKEN (Ph)Under the Sea TAKEN (MW)
30" x 40"30" x 40"30" x 40"
golden light behind the treesrocks at montana de'ororan out of white in montana de'oro
Golden Trees - TAKEN (BG)Rocks at Montana De'Oro - TAKEN (DV)Montana De'Oro Soft Light - TAKEN (BG)
30" x 40"30" x 24"30" x 24"
fisherman in san franciscoavila painting group daygrey day in los osos
San Francisco Fisherman TAKEN - (TL)Day With Painting Group - TAKEN(BG)Los Osos Grey Day - TAKEN (TL)
30" x 22"24" x 30"36" x 24"
shadows from boxesfalling shapes
Box CityFalling TAKEN (MW)The Female Myth - TAKEN (JD)
36" x 24"30" x 40"40" x 30"
under the way to pasadenahidden imagestujunga california
Under the Way There - TAKEN (DS)Hidden TAKEN (MS)Tujunga Ghost Trees - TAKEN (DS)
48" x 38"30" x 40"36" x 48"
when things fall apartimage of nine elevenrythmn of color
When Things Fall Apart - TAKEN (CA)Nine Eleven TAKEN (MW)Rhythm Trails TAKEN (MW)
40" x 30"40" x 30"40" x 30"
bridge in salisbury parktujunga washthe sentinal of the la river
Salisbury Bridge - TAKEN (MS)Tujunga Wash - TAKEN (MS)The Sentinal
36" x 30"36" x 24"36" x 24"
painting in the cloudswoven colorsnew worlds collide
Take Warning - TAKEN (MS)Woven Light - TAKEN (MW)New Worlds Collide - TAKEN (MS)
24" x 48"36" x 36"36" x 24"
painting of a mazedem bones paintingpainting of a maze
Color Maze TAKEN (MW)Dem Bones TAKEN (MW)No Way Out TAKEN (MW)
40" x 30"36" x 36"30" x 40"
overpass in salisburypainting of a mazefield in guadalupe
Confession of the Overpass TAKEN (MW)Split Decidsion - TAKEN (IS)Guadalupe Field - TAKEN (IS)
38" x 28"40" x 30"38" x 38"
acrylic painting abstractpainting of opposing circlesabstract acrylic painting
In Force - TAKEN (BG)Opposing Forces - TAKEN (TS)Dying Light - TAKEN (JG)
30" x 24"30" x 24"38" x 38"
abstract acrylic painting
The Giving Tree - TAKEN (MB)
28" x 36"