detail from painting What Was

graphic name of stephen olson using a transparent background

Just a little about myself………………

I like trees. I like how the light transforms those individual leaves into one mass with volume weight and shadow. It interest me that what we perceive as the whole tree is composed of small points of color that blend to make our perception of what that tree is. I think that is why I enjoy art and web design. I like knowing that the final outcome of a project is composed of many smaller parts and what it takes to get to the result is the ability to see how those parts will fit together. I believe it takes a creative mind to see what does not exist and use existing pieces, some seemingly un-related, to bring what is needed into existence.

I enjoy it.

Under the BridgeIntruding ShadowSetting Light
painting of LA riverlos osos paintingpainting of grasses in setting light
Dinosaur CaveFree ArchWhispers
painting of dinosaur cavespainting of LA freewaypainting of grasses in blue
Concrete RiverPainted DesertConsumation
painting of LA Riverabstract painting of grassesabstract painting of an arial view
Blue MazeCause and EffectDistant Fire
abstract painting of a mazeabstract painting of an arial imageabstract painting of a fire burning through trees
Layered LightMorning LightUnder the Sea
abstract painting of cross hatch layersabstract painting of light through a windowabstract painting of light under the sea
What WasThe Female MachineForgotten Moment
painting of remembering uncle paulpainting of buldozerpainting of grandmother capping strawberries
Fisherman's NetQuietDiscovery
painting of fisherman on fisherman's wharfpainting of los osos inletabstratct painting from bishop peak